Dispute Resolution & Arbitration

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration- Our Practice

Our Attorneys excels in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Our experts are adept at finding pragmatic solutions to complex disputes, offering a quicker and cost-effective route to resolution. They work to settle conflicts through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or, when necessary, through litigation in court. We are practicing in various areas and various courts not limited to Supreme Court of India, High Courts in various states including Delhi High Court, Company Tribunal i.e. NCLT and NCLAT, National Green Tribunal, National Consumer Disputes Redressal  Commission etc. Courts as disputes can arise in nearly every aspect of life and business. Here are some common practice areas for our dispute resolution lawyers:

  1. Constitutional matters
  2. Commercial Litigation
  3. Civil Litigation
  4. Employment and labour disputes
  5. Real Estate Including Property law Litigation
  6. Family Law
  7. Intellectual Property Litigation
  8. Environment litigation
  9. Insurance Litigation
  10. Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  11. Construction Litigation
  12. Arbitration including International Commercial Arbitration
  13. Healthcare Litigation
  14. Consumer Protection Litigation
  15. Estate and Probate Litigation
  16. Tax Litigation
  17. Class Action Law Suits
  18. Administrative and regulatory Disputes
  19. Criminal Defense matters

These are just some of the practice areas within dispute resolution law. Additionally, dispute resolution methods can vary, with some of the clients and lawyers focusing on dispute resolution through negotiation and settlement, while others are more litigation-oriented and represent clients in court trials.

ARBITRATION – Bringing Clarity to Complex Legal Issues

Our key Competencies in Arbitration matters:

  1. Arbitration Advocacy: Aggressively representing clients’ interests through arbitration, from drafting claims to presenting compelling arguments.
  2. Negotiation: Adept at negotiating favorable settlements when possible, striving to avoid costly and time-consuming disputes.
  3. Mediation: Skilled in facilitating mediations to help parties find common ground and reach mutually beneficial agreements.
  4. International Arbitration: Proficient in handling cross-border disputes and navigating the complexities of international arbitration.
  5. Drafting contracts: Crafting well-defined contracts with dispute resolution clauses to mitigate future conflicts.
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