Technology Laws

Technology Laws- Our Practice

The rise of modern technology is greatly beneficial for businesses, and consumers alike. It has, however, also raised a whole new set of concerns and ethical dilemmas. We inherently become more vulnerable to possible fraudsters, hackers, or commercial negligence, with so much of our data floating around in the digital space.

Lex Confiance India is one of the Information Technology (IT) Law Firms in Delhi NCR, India handling a range of issues overlapping with and including – Intellectual Property, software piracy, outsourcing, data privacy, data protection, cyber laws, software development and licensing e-Commerce contracts, and more.

Information Technology is an integral part of today’s globalized world. Rated amongst the best IT law firms in India, we combine our years of practical industry knowledge with intensive research to help our clients protect legal, regulatory and taxation matters arising from computing and convergence of Information Technology.

The scope of our work in this area includes:

  • Drafting Agreements
  • Advising on data privacy, data protection, Cyber laws, software development and licensing e-Commerce contracts,
  • Civil Litigation under IT Laws
  • Criminal Enforcement for Cyber Offence
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